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Our primary goal as a company is to help people reach their highest potential through creating a variety of powerful personal growth products and resources.  

Your Inspiring Life

Your Inspiring Life, our first personal growth program, helps people to release whatever has been holding them back from creating the life they have always wanted.  Most people have issues that they have carried for a long time that keep them from realizing their fullest potential.  Fears, painful past experiences, engrained habits, etc. can stop you from following your heart and pursuing the dreams that have called to you all your life.  

Emotional Freedom and Well-Being

You have the ability within you to heal yourself and release all that old baggage that you no longer need.  Through a number of powerful personal growth programs that we are continually in the process of developing, Inner Potentials can help you release the inner barriers to well-being and connect with that wise, loving presence within you who will guide and support you in creating the life of your dreams.  

You Can Begin Your Inspiring Life Now

Our premier product, Your Inspiring Life, is a cutting-edge personal growth program that incorporates 27 EFT-based recorded tapping processes to help you release negative beliefs that may be holding you back from feeling truly inspired and pursuing what you have always dreamed of doing.  For more about the wonderful tool for transformation called EFT, see below. 

A Comprehensive Program to Live Your Dreams

In addition to the 27 EFT recordings, Your Inspiring Life offers a comprehensive program to help you fulfill your dreams.  The Program includes a recorded process to help you activate the power of the Law of Attraction to help you focus on what you want and attract it into your life.  It also includes several recorded guided meditation processes to help you connect with that unending source of well-being and wisdom within you.  And it includes a 282 page e-book that guides you step by step through the process of identifying what you really want, clearing the barriers to achieving it, and putting your full energy into making your dreams a reality.    

The Best of What We Have Found

We are very excited to be able to offer you this culmination of everything we have found to be most powerful and helpful over the many years that we have been searching for real tools for transformation.  

Visit our site to learn more at YourInspiringLife.com 

You can experience more joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction in all areas of your life as you feel more confident and follow your heart.  Isn’t the possibility of becoming truly inspired and fulfilled worth exploring? 

Honor your Inner Voice.  You can create an inspiring life. 

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About Laura Lawson Boatman, the author of the Your Inspiring Life Program

I am trained as a psychotherapist and social worker and received my MSW from UC Berkeley.  I graduated magna cum laude, phi beta kappa from UC Irvine with bachelor’s degrees in psychology and drama.  I have received advanced training in EFT and hypnotherapy.  I am continually expanding my knowledge and skills in a variety of approaches to healing and realizing our potentials.  

In EFT, I have found the most effective healing method I’ve ever experienced.  In the Your Inspiring Life Program, I combine my therapeutic skills with EFT to help you easily and gently move through the negative beliefs that have held you back and bring you to a whole new level of well-being and fulfillment in your life. 

More About EFT:  Here’s how the Your Inspiring Life Program can help you …

At the core of the Your Inspiring Life Program, you will use a phenomenally powerful process called the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT.  In this process, I teach you to tap on specific acupressure points as we focus on whatever issue you want to release. 

As I guide you through the process through the e-book and the many recorded processes, you’ll find that a wonderful feeling of well-being is replacing your anxiety, fear, anger, sadness, self-doubt, etc.  As this happens, you will be easily and gently releasing those old, unwanted painful emotions and beliefs in a very short time.  

And as you clear that old emotional baggage, you will re-discover the wisdom, self-acceptance, and self-love that is you at your core.  

Painful memories of past failures or disappointments can often be relieved in as little as one 20 minute self-help session.  The Your Inspiring Life Program can help you achieve emotional freedom from these and other negative, limiting beliefs and emotions rapidly and gently.  

Through the Your Inspiring Life Program, I can help you tap your inner potentials and share your light with the world.  You can be happy and fulfilled in every area of your life.  Let me help you create the inspiring life you’ve always wanted… the life you were always meant to live.  

Through the Program, you can easily and gently release…

  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Painful Memories
  • Negative Habits and Beliefs
  • Creative Blocks
  • Low Self-esteem
  • Money and Abundance Issues
  • Blocks to Reaching Your Highest Potential

Discover for yourself how the Your Inspiring Life Program can transform your life by visiting the program’s website at YourInspiringLife.com.

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Laura Lawson Boatman MSW, LCSW